21st Century Skills for Business and Education

There is a variety of challenges and opportunities waiting in the world of the 21st century. Fast paced development, digital transformation and global market reach are only few aspects that make up this complex environment for organisations. To create long-term competitiveness, companies need talented employees and their individual development, modern organisational and leadership cultures, creative approaches towards work and new ideas and the ability to learn and be open towards new developments.


We support you to prepare your organisation and employees for the 21st century. 

Our Offer

is creative, interdisciplinary and unique

Hartfish Consulting

Culture and people is all it is about. We understand both to the core!

We support you with the development of a modern organisational and leadership culture to create an inspiring and innovation-boosting environment. For the 21st century, we help organisations to design a comprehensive strategy and vision with resulting processes for implementation. Our work is international and human-centred. 

Hartfish Academy

Learning is fun and needs a holistic experience. We offer it!

We offer a broad portfolio of creative, interdisciplinary and activating trainings, workshops and seminars relevant for practice. The development of 21st century skills, especially the topics of creativity, learning, entrepreneurship and talent are in the focus of our trainings. Furthermore, we create customized solutions and offer a unique education programme for creative facilitators.

Hartfish Facilitation

Everybody is unique and full of talents. We find yours!

We facilitate leaders, teams and individuals with the development of ideas, business models, and personality and with unfolding existing potential. Our unique combination of analytical, reflective, creative and action-oriented methods open new perspectives and ways for personal development. We accompany people to go their own way and deploy their talents for success.

Hartfish Events

Power-Point was yesterday, now it's all about creative entertainment. We bring it!

We turn all your events in extraordinary experiences with interaction, emotion and long-time impression - no matter if conference, seminar or company day. We open our magic box to combine entertainment, art, visualisation and further disciplines to communicate messages, understand new content, foster dialogue and exchange and connect people for new perspectives and lasting experiences.

Hartfish Learning Lab

Learning is the key to the future!

We support you with the creation of modern learning cultures and offer different products for implementing creative and interactive workshops and learning events. Experimentation, experience, creation and active involvement are only some important aspects of successful learning. Based on scientific research results we develop products and modern approaches towards learning.

Hartfish Research Hub

Knowledge sharing par excellence!

We make academic research results accessible and visualize information in creative ways. In this way, modern insights from different disciplines can be connected and used for organisational practice. Our own academic research is part of our work and knowledge creation. We focus on the topics of Entrepreneurial Learning, Arts-based Learning, Creativity and Interdisciplinary Work. 

Our customers

are looking for new inspiration and innovative solutions

Corporate clients

We work with organisations of all sizes, industries, disciplines and nationalities.


We work with start-ups, founder teams, accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurs.

Academic Institutes

We work with academic institutions, universities and educational organisations.

Our approach

offers new perspectives and solutions for modern organisations

Talents + Creativity + Learning = Innovation Boost

We support corporations, start-ups and academic institutes to develop essential 21st century skills. For a sustainable impact, we operate on all levels: from individual employee and teams to management and the entire organisation. Our approach develops aspects such as creativity, learning ability, learning culture, creative leadership ability, interdisciplinary cooperation, engagement, individual talents and personality among others. Our goal is to improve innovativeness, agility and competitiveness of organisations in the long run and in accordance to their identity and brand in the world of the 21st century.

Our ingredients: interdisciplinary and creative

We connect the best from all fields: our creative and interdisciplinary approach connects different aspects, perspectives and methods from the fields of management and business, entrepreneurship and business development, education and modern learning, creativity, innovation and the arts as well as HR management, talent and personal development to drive innovation and transformation processes. Our concepts and formats activate, inspire, motivate, accompany, support and open new perspectives.

Our magic recipe: a unique method mix, insights from scientific research, a modern learning approach and extraordinary experiences. Our international and cross-disciplinary experience and network make our work possible.

Our strength: we are born global

The world of the 21st century is interconnected in many ways. The art of doing business is inherent with interconnected thinking and having a global perspective. Our own international experience, mindset and network offers a great value for you: we work across boarders and different markets, understand different cultures and their influence on doing business, speak different languages and connect with people easily. We see our company as born global in the true sense of the word. The development of international strategies, business models, organisations and people is part of our long-year experience. We think global and work with companies from all over the world.

Our experience

is what makes us special

We use our talents and creativity for your business.

Judith Hartlmaier

As a business artist, Judith combines business with creativity and the arts in a special way – she is founder, consultant, artist, trainer, lecturer and coach in one. In her work she fuses business aspects and content with arts-based and creative methods to develop people and organisations for the 21st century.


She has a degree in “International Management and Business Chinese“ and worked for multinational corporations in China, Hongkong, Singapore, Australia and in Europe. Working with different cultures, nationalities and languages comes with ease to her and defines her perspective on doing business in a global and interconnected context of the 21st century. Before founding her own business, jh creative consulting, in 2013, Judith worked in Strategic Human Resource Management, Talent Management and Recruiting for BMW Brilliance in China and as Management Consultant for PwC. With her own concept “Business meets Arts” she combines arts-based methods with consulting, training and workshop approaches for business. As a coach she has her own creative approach towards working with individuals to unfold talents and creative potential.


As academic lecturer she shares her knowledge on topics like Creativity and Learning, Innovation Cultures, Personal Development, Networking, International Human Resource Management, Talent Management and Business in China. As academic researcher she is actively involved in projects on Entrepreneurial Learning, Arts-based Learning and approaches towards Modern and Holistic Learning. Her work is based on current research results and state-of-the-art insights. 


As an artist she works with multi-media concepts drawing from the fields of dance, painting, visual arts, photography, singing and theatre improvisation on contemporary and social topics.

Mike Fischer

As a quick mind, Mike combines topics and complex interrelations to develop strategies and solutions for businesses – he is entrepreneur, consultant, motivator, facilitator, lecturer and coach. In his work, he fuses topics, perspectives and discipline to develop businesses and unfold potential of people to tackle 21st century challenges.


Over 20 years ago, he started out as professional in banking in the fields of Corporate Finance and M&A in Tokio. He studied business and law focusing on International Management, Organisational Development and Business Informatics and earned an MBA with specialisation in Creativity, Innovation and Change and an MSc in "International Finance and Management" from a British university. Currently, he finalises his PhD on Entrepreneurship at a Finish university.  


Mike is former founder of a family business and co-founder of a boutique management consultancy. Working in international environments to develop strategies, businesses and leaders has been a main part of his work. He worked in Japan, China, Hongkong and throughout Europe. As coach and mentor for founders and executives he accompanies business development and drives the development of individual potential. As academic lecturer he shares his knowledge for over 10 years on the topics of Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Global Entrepreneurship, Innovation Cultures, Strategic and International Management, International Marketing, Learning and Creativity, Personal Development and Presentation and Communication, among other topics.


As long-time experienced and award-winning lecturer he engages himself in the development of learner-centred approaches for education and the development of modern academic learning and teaching environments.

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